Thank you for your interest in our guesthouse.

This is the reservation form of our guest house Kotonoha.
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In addition, we introduce our guesthouse under the reservation form.

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We prepare the followings for you.
It is for free to use.

  • Air conditioner
  • Toilet (Western style)
  • Bathroom (Bathtub & shower)
  • Pocket Wi-Fi
  • Towels
  • Hairdryer
  • Kitchen
  • Refrigerator

*There is no preparation for toothbrush & sleepwear, so please bring these.

Guest room

It is a traditional Japanese ‘Tatami’ mat room.
You can sleep on a comfortable Japanese folding mattress.
Most guests enjoy it and feel so good.

A maximum of 6 people are available.
(However, 3 to 4 people are suitable for the room.)

This is not dormitory. The room is a private one.

Dining room & Kitchen

You can cook and eat here.
There are cooking stoves, a refrigerator, and basic oils & seasonings.
Dishes & cutlery are also prepared.

Sure, you can eat ‘takeaway meals’.

kotonohaparty - 1

Sometimes, Guests and we enjoy communication, eating dinner together.


It is in front of JR Chikuzen-maebaru station.
Our guesthouse is on 4th floor of the building.

About the room charge

*Capacity : 1- 6 persons

A room charge/1 night

This is a room charge.
It changes, depending on number of people.

  • 1 person >> 4,800 yen
  • 2 persons >> 7,800 yen
  • 3 persons >> 10,800 yen
  • 4 persons >> 13,800 yen
  • 5 persons >> 16,800 yen
  • 6 persons >> 19,800 yen

*A child under 5 years old is for free to stay.

Please pay it at the Check-in day.
It is ok to pay in cash or by credit card (VISA, Master, American Express, JCB).

We have a discount offer for over 1 week stayers.

About the cancellation fee

In our guesthouse, we can set the cancellation fee as follows.

  • On the day of your stay or no show:100% of the room charge
  • On 1 day before, or 2 days before of your stay:100% of the room charge
  • From 10 days before of your stay:50% of the room charge

There is no cancellation fee until 8 days before of your stay.

This is a small guesthouse.
So thank you for your understanding about our cancellation fee.

Check-in & Check-out time



As we have flexible support such as luggage storage before check-in and after check-out, if necessary, please contact us .

Private parking & Coin-operated one

We have the private parking for only 1 car (No charge & reservation system).
Then, we introduce the nearest coin-operated parking(Charge).

It is convenient for family & people traveling by rent-a-car.

↓Map of Private parking & Coin-operated one
kotonoha parking - 1

Private parking

Name:No.9 parking lot of Maebaru north parking
Address:1-6-28, Maebaru-chuo, Itoshima, Fukuoka
(※It takes only 1 minute by walk to Kotonoha!)
Parking Map:

Charge:For free

↓Behind the beauty salon Bonheur
kotonoha parking - 2

↓Only No.9 parking lot
kotonoha parking - 3

The parking space is only No.9 parking lot.
Please don’t park in other places.

We have only 1 private parking. So if you want to park the car, please ask us in advance. In some cases it may not be available.Thank you for your understanding.

Coin-operated parking

Name : Times Maebaru Daisan(タイムズ前原第3)
Address : 2-4, Maebaruchuo, Itoshima, Fukuoka
Parking Map:

Price : 200yen/1 hour (normal)
<<Max: 500 yen (per 24hours after parking)>>

We offer the following services for a fee.

Washing machine

It is available for 100 yen per one time. (Please note that there is no drying function)
You can also borrow hangers & pinches.

Bicycle rental

cycling - itoshima

We prepare 2 cross bikes (Bianchi & Giant) that are perfect for Itoshima tour.
Since the transmission is also attached, you can enjoy cycling comfortably in the flat island of Itoshima.
You can easily go to the beachside♪

The price is “1500 yen / 1 bike & 1 day”.
There is no time limit, so you can enjoy Itoshima sightseeing without worrying about the return time.
Please feel free to ask us.

We welcome your reservation.

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Itoshima Guesthouse Kotonoha
(糸島ゲストハウス 前原宿ことのは)

Adress(住所):2-1-21-4F, Maebaru-chuo, Itoshima, Fukuoka
(福岡県糸島市前原中央2-1-21 前原駅前ビル4F中央)
Map : Google Map