About us

Thank you for coming to this page.
This is self introduction of us.


We are Kana and Nogi, a couple.
For a long time We lived in Tokyo, then we traveled around the world for  a year(between December 2014 and November 2015).
We visited 93 cities in 23 countries.

Machupicchu - 08
↑ In Machu Pichu, Peru. Kana(left) and  Nogi(right)

We had various experiences and encounters.
Thanks to all our friends and family supported our journey!

After traveling, we returned to Nogi’s hometown Itoshima, Fukuoka.

From August 2016, we have owned a cozy guest house in Chikuzen-maebaru which is central area of Itoshima.

The name  is  “Guest house Kotonoha“.

Itoshima has over-2000-years-history for the diplomacy and trade to China & Korea.
Chinese official paper said this was a kind of capital and the Japanese entrance to the Asian continent.

The meanings of the name are the following.

  • “The beginning of a thing”
  • “The beginning of the ancient capital”
  • “The place the World’s Words Meet”

Since we lived in Tokyo, we liked international exchange.

So we have friends all over the world.
Fortunately we could meet our friends in the world and  knew their lives and hometown. And there were lots of new encounters.

It is truly our “precious treasure“.

This time, it is our turn to welcome travelers from the world.

See you soon!

Nogi and Kana

Our recommended travel stories

The following articles are the best selection of our ‘Travel around the world’!
Those who are planning to travel around the world, please refer.

Some guests also want to know about the stories.
We are very welcome, so please don’t hesitate to ask!


This is self introduction of us.


nogi - 1

Tomoyuki Nogita (Nogi)

Co-owner of Kotonoha
Itoshima Concierge


  • Born in Itoshima, Fukuoka
  • Graduated from Shuyu-kan High School in Fukuoka city
  • Master’s degree in Architecture at Meiji University in Tokyo
  • Worked at a luxury watch brand company as after-sales service
  • Skill: Salsa Dance
  • Languages: English, Spanish, a little Thai and Korean

Besides the work, I devote myself to “international exchange”.
Under the project “Enjoy Shibuya !!“, I hold an English conversation circle regularly every week for 2.5 years.

↑Enjoy Shibuya!!

At the same time, I also held international exchange events, such as Tokyo walking tour for foreigners, and cooking parties.

In 2015 after 15 years’ living in Tokyo, I went to a journey around the world with my wife for a year.

Now I was co-owner of the guest house Kotonoha in my hometown : Itoshima.

I post deep information on Itoshima from time to time on blog.
It is actually like “Itoshima concierge

Please ask me anything about Itoshima.

I am also a member of executive Committees of Itocinema (Itoshima film festival).

See you soon in Itoshima!



Kana Nogita (Kana)
Co-owner of Kotonoha
Pilates instructor


  • Born in Sendai, Miyagi
  • Graduated from a vocational college of nursing care welfare in Miyagi
  • Worked at a cosmetics company in Tokyo, featuring platinum products as sales and development.
  • Pilates instructor licensed by BASI
  • Hobbies: Cafe visiting, natural farming
  • Languages: English, Spanish, a little Thai and Korean

When I was 20 years old, I went to India, Nepal and Thailand to have volunteer works.
I had a lot of great experiences and made many friends.

At the time, I thought that in the future, I would have my own guest house.

In 2011, there was a large disaster of the Tohoku earthquake.
After that, I decide to learn Pilates to care for people’s body and health.

In 2015 after 15 years’ living in Tokyo, I went to a journey around the world with my husband for a year.

Now I was co-owner of the guest house Kotonoha in my hometown : Itoshima.
I am also a member of executive Committees of Itocinema (Itoshima film festival).

Occasionally I also teach Pilates.

kanapilates - 1
↑Pilates lesson at a beach in Itoshima

Let’s enjoy your life!
I wait for you in Itoshima.

Presentation & Media appearance history

Occasionally, we take presentation activities to talk about our unique experience around the world and in Itoshima.
We often appear on various media.

The followings are our major appearance history.

Presentation history

  • May 2016: “Our travel-around-the-world” presented in Kozainomori restaurant.
  • December 2016: “Itoshima multiplied by the world presentation” at Itoshima Rotary Club.
  • June 2017:”The guest house to know the world and enjoy Itoshima deeply” presented at the general incorporated association  SINKa (Social Entrepreneurship Support Network Kyushu Asia).
  • December 2017:”About our guesthouse and Itoshima”  presented at Busan’s art project organization “Totatoga” in Korea.
  • January 2018: “Secret of increase of immigrants & tourists in Itoshima” for the local activation group “Tokushin-kai” in Nichinan-shi, Miyazaki prefecture in Kozainomori restaurant.

We are waiting for presentation requests.
We can talk about a round-the-world travel, a story related to sightseeing of Itoshima, etc.


Media appearance history

  • December 2016: TBS TV “Amezipangu” cooperation in coverage / video appearance.
    We talked about Okinawa soba in Brazil. (Applicable article: “Massive super gigantic Okinawa soba stands mall @ Brazil“)
    amazipangu - 1
  • February 2017: At NHK’s information program “Asa-ichi”, appeared together with my aunt : cooking expert.
    We introduced Somen-chiri. It is local cuisine.nhkasadesu - 1
    ↑It is a state at the time of coverage.
  • November 2017: Appeared in Fukuoka edition of UNIQLO’s Heat Tech CM.
    The shooting place is at the Marutaike park in Chikuzen-Maebaru and our guesthouse.uniqlo - 1uniqlo - 2

Following social media as well! Thank you!