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We are Kana & Nogi: the owners of the Guesthouse Kotonoha in ITOSHIMA, Fukuoka, Japan. Thank you for your visiting our site.

Itoshima is waiting for you with delicious gastronomy & beautiful nature.

We offer the bicycle rental Total 7 bicycles)at a convenient location, which is 1-minute walk from JR Chikuzen-Maebaru Station! (You can rent it without staying the guesthouse.)

The features of “Kotonoha Bicycle Rental” are as follows!

  1. With a really convenient originalItoshima Cycling Map“!
  2. The longest rental time in Itoshima! Breakfast at a cafe by the sea is also OK! Cycling after noon is also OK!
  3. Since it is a “reservation required”, you can definitely ride a bicycle! (Rent-a-bicycles are very popular in Itoshima, especially on weekends! In some cases, they may have been rented out !?)
  4. We will give a lecture on how to ride a bicycle safely so that even beginners can ride safely. It is a simplified version of about 3 minutes.

An Instagram posting campaign is also underway.
All you have to do is post with a tag, and the all members of your group will receive a 500 yen discount. (For details, see What is the Instagram Posting Campaign?)

If you are in a hurry, please contact us first!
  • Reservation is required from 10 days before use to the day of use.
  • We accept applications via LINE, telephone or short message or E-Mail.
  • Please let us know your expected date of use, number of units, and your name.

Itoshima Guesthouse Kotonoha
In charge : NOGI
TEL: +81-90-7291-0767
E-Mail: itoshima.kotonoha@gmail.com

About Kotonoha Bicycle Rental

We explain about the fee, type of bicycle and precautions.


Payment can be made in cash or PayPay.

An Instagram posting campaign is also underway.
It is a great deal with a 500 yen discount. (Details below)


The fee list is as follows.

of units
1 day
1 day (8: 30-18: 30)
After applying the
Instagram post campaign
Bicycle with 24-speed transmission(Cross bike)32300 yen500yen OFF1800円
FREE POWER bicycle
(8-speed transmission)
12300 yen500yen OFF1800円
Bicycle with 24-speed transmission(Road bike)12300 yen500yen OFF1800円
Compact bicycle with 6-speed transmission12300 yen500yen OFF1800円
Luggage storage service300yen/1person300yen/1person
Fee list

Paid (& Free) Options and Puncture Guarantee

Puncture guarantee (normally 1200 yen repair fee guaranteed)100 yen/person
Luggage storage300 yen/person
hem band rentalFree /one
waist bag rentalFree /one

*If you pay only 100 yen for the puncture guarantee at the time of reception, you can receive a guarantee for the puncture repair fee even if you have a puncture while renting a bicycle. We also guarantee the damage of equipment such as a light and a reflector, so it is a very profitable content.
(However, please note that we will charge the actual cost if it cannot be fixed by normal puncture repair such as tube replacement.)

*We will keep your luggage for 300 yen. In addition, waist bags are available free of charge, so please do not hesitate to ask if you need them.

Instagram post campaign

When you post a photo in Itoshima on your Instagram, you only have to promise to add the tag @itoshima.kotonoha, and the all members of your group will get a 500 yen discount!

The rules are as follows.

Rule (Instagram post campaign)
  • 1 post per group is OK! All members can get a discount.
  • Any photo you enjoyed in Itoshima is OK!
  • Instagram posting is valid only on the day of use. Let’s share fun pictures with your friends immediately ♪
  • You can post in the Normal post or in Stories!
  • Please take “@itoshima.kotonoha” as the tag. (Following is welcome!)
  • Posts with the tag will be automatically notified to us, so we will confirm it!

Please find a photogenic place in Itoshima and share it on Instagram!

About cancellation fee

There is no cancellation fee due to bad weather or poor physical condition!
Please feel free to make a reservation.

However, cancellation without notice is NG (→ 100% cancellation fee).
In case of cancellation, please contact “1 hour before the scheduled rental time”.

Type of bicycles

We have the following 6 bicycles.


Bicycles with a transmission can be used by persons who do not usually ride a bicycle.
However, please check that “appropriate height guideline: 150 cm or more“.

Bicycle with 24-speed transmission(Cross bike)・3 units

kotonohacycling - 1
Bicycle with 24-speed transmission
Bicycle with 24-speed transmission

You can ride comfortably with a transmission.

FREE POWER bicycle (8-speed transmission)・1 unit

It is the first bicycle rental of FREE POWER in Fukuoka.
It’s the latest electric one that does not use electricity (8 speed transmission) which uses the repulsive force of rubber.
You can ride for long distances without straining your knees!

Please enjoy the comfortable riding experience!

Bicycle with 24-speed transmission(Road bike)・1 unit

Bicycle with 24-speed transmission(Road bike)

Road bikes have unique handles, but in reality, there are multiple positions to put your hands on, and you can take the appropriate posture depending on the situation.

Compact bicycle with 6-speed transmission・1 unit

Compact bicycle with 6-speed transmission

It has a transmission, but it requires a little power because the wheel diameter is a little small.
Some people go to the seaside by this bicycle, so I think you can fully enjoy Itoshima.

Terms of Use

◇About the usage time and the procedure

  • The service time is from 8:30 to 18:30.
  • Reservation is required from 10 days before use to the day of use.
  • The rental place is on the first floor of the building shown in the photo below. (Map)
  • After use, please return the bicycle to the rental place.
  • After returning, please give us LINE or phone / short message.(+81-90-7291-0767、In charge:Nogi)
The rental place is on the first floor of the building.
It is in front of JR Chikuzen-Maebaru Station.

◇About accidents, etc.

At an accident while using the rental bicycle, please take care of it at your own risk.

◇About damage, theft, loss, etc.

If you damage or lose your rental cycle, you will be compensated at your own risk.
To prevent theft or loss, be sure to lock the bicycle key if you are away from the bicycle.

The bicycles have the red TS mark incidental insurance.
The managers are not responsible for any guarantee beyond the insurance.

◇Prohibited acts, etc.

(1) Acts that violate traffic laws and regulations, such as drunk driving or
annoying bicycle parking.
(2) If you admit an abnormality (such as a puncture) of your bicycle while driving, Acts that continue to drive.
(3) Acts of use by third parties other than users.

How to make a reservation

How to make a reservation
  • Reservation is required from 10 days before use to the day of use.
  • We accept applications via LINE, telephone or short message or E-Mail.
  • Please let us know your expected date of use, number of units, and your name.

We look forward to your reservation!

Itoshima Guesthouse Kotonoha
In charge : NOGI
TEL: +81-90-7291-0767
E-Mail: itoshima.kotonoha@gmail.com

Recommended clothing and belongings

Since this is a casual cycling, you can wear your normal clothes, but to make it safer and more comfortable for you, I would like to introduce some recommended clothes.
The photo below is a reference example.

Recommended clothing and belongings
  • Pants Style (Please note that skirts are difficult to ride in and can easily get caught on something in the wind. We also provide free hem band to keep your pants from getting dirty with the chains).
  • A hat with a brim (the sun can be strong on some days)
  • Long-sleeved shirts (short-sleeved shirts are fine, but be careful with sunburn and air-conditioning in the store. Cardigans that can be taken on and off are also recommended.
  • Towel or stole (to protect your neck from sunburn)
  • Waist bag, shoulder bag, backpack, or other bag that can be easily attached to your body (for easy movement. If you need one, we can lend you a waist bag for free. There are several types of waist bags available.)
  • Water bottle (to keep you thirsty). The bicycles are equipped with bottle holders.
free hem band

Recommended cycling courses

Here are some of the recommended cycling courses with image movies.

Futamigaura Instagrammed Cycling Course (4-5 hours)

This is an Instagram spot tour course around the very popular Futamigaura area.
It will take 4 to 5 hours including lunch and cafe time.
There are so many spots you’ll want to take pictures of, including Futamigaura’s couple rocks, the Sunset Cafe, Palm Beach’s angel wings, and Jihangun!

The view is outstanding as it passes along the ocean all the way.
The view is great as you pass all the way along the ocean, and there are plenty of delicious gourmet spots that will surely make for great memories! This is a great place to visit.

Also, please refer to the following article for recommended Instagram spots in Itoshima.


Please refer to the following for a detailed article on the Futamigaura Cycling Course.


Nogita Coast Cycling Course (4-5 hours)

This course takes you to the popular Cafe Current and the Instagramable London Bus Cafe. It takes 4 to 5 hours including lunch and cafe time.

It is also fun to visit “Yakamashi-mura”, an area of general stores, stores, and small museums.

Please refer to the following for a detailed article on the Nogita Coast Cycling Course.

nogitacycling - 26楽々「野北海岸」レンタサイクル♪糸島サイクリングモデルコースVol.2

Fukuno-ura (Salt of Mataichi) Cycling Course (5-6 hours)

This is a course with a spectacular view that takes you to Itoshima’s famous natural salt workshop, “Mataichi no Shio”.
The scenery in the Fukuno-ura area, which follows the coastline all the way, is truly spectacular.

The Kishi area along the way is lined with many oyster houses in winter, and is becoming a very enjoyable area with more and more takeout stalls and restaurants along the sea.

Please refer to the following for a detailed article on the Fukuno-ura (Salt of Mataichi) Cycling Course.

mataichicycling - map絶景「またいちの塩」レンタサイクル♪糸島サイクリングモデルコースVol.3

Around Maebaru Cycling Course (3 to 4 hours)

This is an easy course that takes you around Maebaru Station.
This is a great course for those who love culture and history, visiting unique stores in the shopping district, historic shrines and power spots.

Please refer to the following for a detailed article on the Around Maebaru Cycling Course.


Guide for Bicycle Beginners

Charm of cycling


Bicycles are different from driving by car in that you can enjoy exercising at a slow speed and using your own power.

If you find a spot that looks good on Instagram, you can stop and take pictures, or if you notice a path that seems to be a good atmosphere, you can go through it easily.

When you arrive at your destination, the refreshing feeling is exceptional!
It’s a great memory when you’re with your friends.

Let’s try cycling!

Charm of cycling in “ITOSHIMA”


The Itoshima Peninsula has many flat roads, making it ideal for beginners in cycling!
The distance from JR Chikuzen-maebaru Station which is the center of Itoshima, to the sea such as Futamigaura is about 10km, so even if you slowly ride a bicycle, you can arrive within an hour. It is a good sense of distance.

There are some roads that are narrow and require attention, but the roads where bicycles can pass have been gradually improved, and now you can basically enjoy cycling with peace of mind.

Cycling around the beautiful sea, scattered Instagram spots, and delicious Itoshima cafes and restaurants is a popular course.

Itoshima bicycle sightseeing information

Itoshima has many flat roads, so it’s easier to get to Futamigaura by the sea and the Nogita coast than you thought.
Please refer to the following information on sightseeing of Itoshima.

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糸島市観光協会Enjoy Itoshima by Bicycles rental!



Please take care of yourself and enjoy the Itoshima Bicycle Rental.

We want to share ITOSHIMA with you!!

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We welcome your reservation to stay.