“Panama hat” originated in Ecuador & first haircut at overseas, Cuenca , Ecuador

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■”Panama hat” originated in Ecuador

I think Panama hat is so cool. However do you know the original place is not Panama??
Acutually true Panama hat is made in Ecuador. In those days, USA president Theodore Roosevelt wore a hat made in Ecuador when he visited in “Panama!”
That is the origin of the name. Hahaha. Really we have to say it is Ecuadorian hat…

Cuenca - 13hatgranma1

Cuenca - 11hatgranma2
↑Grandma’s traditional fashion of Cuenca

Cuenca is famous for making Panama hat
World famous Panama hat maker : Homero Ortega is based in Cuenca.

Fashion of Grandma in Cuenca is basically colorful skirt, cardigan and Panama hat!!

So I tried to buy a Panama hat here.

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I bought a hat ‘Diego Tuquiñahui’ at a stand next to the central church.
They sold every hat in 15 US dollars!!

Cuenca - 14hat1
↑Nice hat!

Because South America is a lot higher and the sun is close, the hat is required.


■First haircut at overseas

For the hat, I decided to have my hair cut earnestly grew during the journey!
After I checked some barbers from outside, I chose one which is popular for local people and has good atmosphere.

Cuenca - 15cut1

Cuenca - 16cut2
↑Nice hair!!

Cuenca - 29cut3

Cuenca - 28cut4

For my case, I chose a hair-style like a hollywood dandy actor from a hair-style catalog.
However she cut like a young man walking the street in Cuenca.
I found that hair-style of young people in Cuenca is similar!!! Hahaha.

It was 5 US dollars with two people.


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