Convenient!! Bogotá official city tour!!, Bogotá, Colombia

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▪️A free tour by the Bogotá tourism office

We are in Bogotá, Colombia. Here, the security is important. So we need to think where is safe to go for sightseeing.
Then, we recommend a free tour by the Bogotá tourism office.

On the corner of the plaza Bolívar, there is the tourism office. So we needed reservation here.

Everyday they had a free tour twice a day. Basically volunteers were in Spanish, but only Tuesday and Thursday, they can guide in English.
This office was useful because they told us the ‘dangerous zone of the city’ and we could get a nice detailed map. I think you can go there when you arrive at Bogotá.
(Their suggestion for us was not to go outside of Calle 7 and outside of Carrera 10.)

In Bogotá southern area was more dangerous, so my Japanese friend living here said she basically did not go to southern area.

Bogota - 19touroffice
↑A tourism office on the corner of the plaza Bolívar.


▪️Interesting historical area!

We joined a tour from 10:00. The members were from Chili, France, England, and Hong Kong..from so many countries.

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At first, the guide explained about the history of Colombia, plaza Bolívar and historical buildings.

Bogota - 23tourstart
↑Explanation in the plaza
Bogota - 21town1
↑Walking around the historical area

By rhe way, Address in Bogotá is conbination of East-west axis ‘Carrera : KR’ and South-north axis ‘Calle : CL.’ It is similar to Kyoto, Japan.
However here, in those days, each street had ‘names,’ so we could find the vestige in the central area.
For example, in the following photo, you can see the old name of ‘Calle de la Ensenanaz.’
The guide told us so. Interesting! I felt  as if  I found the small secret of the city.

Bogota - 24sign
↑the name of streets

■A large library local people love

In the tour I liked the place of ‘Fondo de cultura Económica.’
This place had a library, book store, cafe, and theater. Every day, they have a ‘free’ event.

Free movie theater, free salsa lesson, etc…

Bogota - 25library

Bogota - 26library2
↑On the wall of the book store, we could check the event schedule.
Bogota - 27library3
↑Event schedule

‘Domingos de danza’ is a free dance lesson on Sunday.

It is nice area that local people gather every day. So we recommend it!



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