No.1 cafe in Medellín “Pergamino cafe” , Medellín, Colombia

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■Colombian coffee circumstances

Speaking of Colombia, certainly I image of “coffee”.
Because it is a major export.
However like other coffee production countries, higher quality beans are all exported and only lower quality beans are domestically remained.

Oh, sorry. sometimes in thiese countries, ‘Culture to enjoy coffee’ is not developed. I think when I can drink a cup of coffee in BLACK, it thanks to the high-quality beans.

Recently in Colombia, a movement to get people to know the coffee culture. High conscious producers and roaster, cafe together, struggle to the movement.


■No.1 cafe in Medellín “Pergamino cafe”

Pergamino cafe is one of the high conscious cafes and selected as ‘Best new cafe’ by a coffee specialty publisher “” in 2012.

Medellin - 23Pergamino1

Medellin - 24cafe2
↑sense of openness

The mottoo is ‘Let’s have a High coffee culture in Colombia,’ and they aimed everybody enjoyed the real great coffee in a relaxing place. They also bought beans from the companies sharing the same passion, also sticking to roasting and extraction method!
They told the ‘knowledges’ to the customers and had effort to generate coffee culture.


Medellin - 22cafe3
↑Coffee and a piece of chocolate cake

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Medellin - 25cafe4
↑So delicious Croissant

When we had a relaxing time, drinking a delicious coffee, we came across Kaori-san」, who was a Japanese teacher in Medellín. Her student worked here, and sometimes she came here to meet him.

Medellin - 30friend

Oh, good timing!
When we lived in Tokyo, it was rare to come across our friends , for example, in Shibuya or Roppongi. However on traveling, sometimes we got across our friends.


Good place, Pergamino cafe!!


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