The most famous crepe restaurant ‘Luna de Miel’ , Antigua, Guatemala

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The most famous crepe restaurant in Antigua

Today it is 9th day of our studying Spanish.
We go to a crepe restaurant which is so famous and sometimes has lines of people waiting.
It is ‘Luna de Miel’

It is reasonable and has a lot of menus.So it is so popular!!
We can see a crepe plates in front of the restaurant.

Antigua - 31lunademiel1

A lot of menus

Antigua - 32crepe
↑「Luna Pesto」33Q

We ate ‘Luna Pesto’which has basil, tomato, Mozzarella cheese and salsa. It’s like an Italian pizza, so delicious!
We want to come here again and try next one!!

Luna de Miel
住所:6 Avenida Norte, N40, Antigua, Guatemala