World famous craft place, Enchanted ” Oaxaca Suburb Tour!! ” Part II Oaxaca, Mexico

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■(Part II)A world heritage “Mitla Ruins”


Following the Part I, we enjoyed the Oaxaca suburbs tour.

A would heritage Mitla is the ruins of Zapotec culture, which continued for a long time in Oaxaca.Zapotec is said it had influence to Maya culture and it had the oldest letters in Central America.

Oaxaca - 16Mitra

Mitla is famous for decoration of fine stone!!!

Oaxaca - 17mitla2
↑Fine stones


I understood it was very dense calculated design. There was shaved part of the stone, and there was also pasted part of the stone that was cut in geometric form.
It is said it’s the pattern of thunder. However when I watched the whole wall, I felt a river vigorously flooding.
This reminds me of the importance of “water”.

On the top of the walls, there were traces that brick was burnt,  perhaps  the culture would disapeared after some dispute. However actually they had  “so long peace time” to have decorations in the peak era.

You don’t miss it!

■Waterfall of limestone cliff “Hierve el Agua”

Oaxaca - 19agua

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Anyway, We went to the mountain by a van on winding road, then finally arrived at the waterfall of limestone cliff ”Hierve el Agua

Just on the hedge of the cliff, some big natural pools were there and everybody enjoyed the swimming.

How dangerous!! However it was so fun!!!!

Oaxaca-2 - 8


Happy smiles from the beautiful place… No wind… a Big grove….

■Mezcal factory

At last, we came to one of the Mezcal factory. It is made from Agave.
If it is produced in Tequila area, it is called ‘Tequila.’ It is like the connection of sparkling wine and Champagne.

To make Mezcal, they steamed Agave which is like a big pineapple and they crush it in a stone mill, and then make fermentation and distillation.

As the following photos, Agave is soooo big!!!!!! I tried to move it, however it was so heavy.
Take care! Take care!!

In the factory, they basically produce Mezcal by “hands” with minimum machines.
They understand the importance of Handicraft industry.
Oaxaca - 25mezcalfactory
↑Explanation of kinds of Agave
Oaxaca - 26mezcalfactory
↑Big Agave!!
Oaxaca - 21mezcalfactory3
↑Cool sign!! I feel their pride of this ARTESANAL(=Handicraft industry)

We enjoyed many Mezcal here.


Oaxaca-2 - 9
↑With this tour members!

So amazing Oaxaca suburbs.
You don’t miss it!!

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