The 11 Most Instagrammable Places in ITOSHIMA,Fukuoka!


We are Kana & Nogi who are the owners of the Guest house Kotonoha in Itoshima, Fukuoka.
Itoshima is famous for delicious gastronomy & beautiful nature in Japan.

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When we ask our guests the reason that they know Itoshima, we get the following answers.

I saw a picture of a swing in Instagram…
I saw the ‘feather’ in instagram my friend uploaded…

Instagram is amazing!

So we’ll show you some popular instagrammable places in Itoshima, adding the secret ones we recommend!

Classic Instagrammable Spots

First, we show the classic ones in Itoshima!

Palm tree Swing (Zauo honten)

Palm tree Swing

It is a famous Instagrammable spot where young women think it is the symbol of Itoshima.

It is located on the site of the restaurant “Zauo honten” where you can enjoy fresh fish dishes.
In the summer, BBQ space is also very crowded, and it is full of the group of young people.

The refreshing feeling of going to the sea on the swing is exceptional!

Triple car

There are many athletic elements on the sandy beach.

Some people are playing for about an hour.
It’s such a fun place!


Jihang 2

It is a new popular spot made in Nishi-no-ura, Fukuoka, near Futamigaura.

They are objects that make you want to take pictures, such as a huge yellow swing or a billboard of woman’s silhouette.

By the way #jihangun is basically a parking lot.

Angel’s Feather @Palm Beach

Angel Feather

“Palm Beach” is a restaurant located in Futamigaura in Itoshima.
It is famous for the mural of “Angel’s Feather”.

The open feeling of Itoshima and the feeling of becoming the free bird are very matched.


Sunset Cafe

“Sunset” is a cafe which is the a catalyst for the cafe boom in Itoshima.
Handmade works full of driftwood art make us feel excited, such as back to the kids.
There is the atmosphere that a small person seems to come out from the gap of driftwood.

The Angel’s feather and Futamigaura are just close, so it’s also a good choice to go around.

A couple rock of Futamigaura

Couple Rock

This is the best tourist spot of Itoshima, and the couple rock is very popular as an instagrammable spot.

It is also a divine figure with a rope hanging between the two big rocks.
There is a legend that it’s the entrance to the Ryugu(=Heaven under the sea).

Every year on the day of the summer solstice, the sunset between the couple rocks is seen.
It’s very mysterious phenomenon!

Sunset couple Rock

Since the summer solstice is in the rainy season, it is also a very valuable event.

In Mie prefecture, there is also a couple rock in the place called “Futamigaura” near Ise shrine(=The best shrine in Japan).
The sun in the summer solstice rises from between the rocks!!

On the same day, the sun sets between the couple rocks in Itoshima.
It is a truly miraculous phenomenon!!

Because it’s a power spot, it seems to be a profit if you change your wallpaper of smartphone to the picture!

London Bus Cafe

London Bus

The London bus cafe is a cafe where you can enjoy gelato.
In the blue background of the sea, the red London bus really shines.

By the way, do you know how many London buses are there in Japan?

The answer is only 10.
It’s priceless.

It is a staple to sit in a colorful chair in front of the bus and take pictures.

The Salt factory Mataichi no Shio (Factory Tottan)

The salt of Ichiichi

There is a handmade salt factory in Itoshima.
It is “Mataichi no Shio“.

Let’s eat famous salt pudding!

It is a popular composition to shoot the salt pudding and the blue sea together in the frame.

When it comes to holidays, there is often a long line in front of the shop selling salt pudding.
Because the parking lot is not so large, we recommend you to visit in the morning!

Secret Instagrammable Spots

Then, we will introduce the Instagrammable spots that is not well known but recommended!!

Itoshima Nanaza (Near Shiraito waterfall)

It is in the mountain area of Itoshima.
There are objects seen in the middle of the road to go up to the waterfall of Shiraito.

7 wooden cylinders stand and mimic the 7 mountains which are typical of Itoshima.
It reminds me of the Moai statues on Easter Island.

Each face is different, so it’s fun to watch.

As the way to take a picture, many people take a peek from the backside of the statue.

There is a good Udon noodle resutaurant “Yasuji” right next to it.

Mt.Kaya from Hakoshima island


What’s the symbol of Itoshima?

If many local people are asked so, they would say “It’s Mt.Kaya”.

It is also known as “Kofuji(=small Mt.Fuji)”, because it has a beautiful base like Mt. Fuji.

It’s visible from all places of the Itoshima, so it becomes a landmark.
It is beautiful to see it from both north and south, but the personal recommendation is Mt.Kaya seen from the island “Hakoshima” which floats in Kafuri bay.

In this island, there is a small shrine and it has the “God of Love”.
So it is famous for many people who want to pray for love fulfillment.

There is no parking nearby, so when you go by car, we recommend that you walk from the parking lot of the Kafuri park.(about 10 minutes on foot)

Katsuki Bus Stop


The film “Ito” was released in theaters in March 2018.
Actress Misato Tanaka was starring and all film location is in Itoshima.

movieito - 1
Movie Ito

We helped making film as like local film commission.
“Katsuki” bus stop is an impressive location for filming.

With the blue sea in the background, the small and pretty covered bus stop has a very dramatic atmosphere that we can watch the stories of encounters and farewells.

Please take photos here.

Enjoy yourself as an actor.

Benches in Maebaru shopping street

We worked on the project to put benches in Maebaru shopping street in the center of Itoshima. Then in March 3rd, 2019 we could make them!

A bench in Itoshima Tourism Association


Everybody can be seated on the bench.
It is in front of Itoshima Tourism Association in JR Chikuzen-maebaru station.

Using the cedar thinnings in Itoshima, local craftsperson made it, based on the design of elementary school student in Itoshima.
The cost was mainly paid by crowdfunding.

A bench in Manmaru shokudo


This bench is in front of Manmaru shokudo.
It is the entrance of Maebaru shopping street.

Map of Itoshima Instagrammable places

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