A festival of mixed cultures, once a year!! , San Pablo La Laguna, Guatemala

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■A festival once a year

Around the lake Atitlán, there are 12 villages. Today we visited one of the villages : San Pablo La Laguna because in the village a festival is hold once a year.

We and friends who stay in Casa de Nagare went there!

It took 20 minutes by a chicken bus.

Atitlan - 80street
↑A lot of shops along the main street.
Atitlan - 82food
↑Corns steamed
Atitlan - 81loto
↑Lot stand.

This fastival was for San Pablo who was a Christian saint. So People of San Pedro village  celebrate once a year.

In the villages around here, after Spanish came, they believed Christianity. However the style seemed different. In the churches every night they hold a large concert with a band.

Even if we were far away, we could hear the singing voices from a microphone and drum sound. Every night, every night!! After singing together for an hour, a pastor talked a little, then the meeting was finished.

However the Maximon in Santiago Atitlán、indigenous religions remain and we can feel it in the festival like the following photo.

Atitlan - 83dance

People dressed in traditional costumes, such as a bird, had dancing to rhythm of marimba in someone’s house yard.

So interesting scene. I reminded of a custom of my mother’s hometown. There, once a year, local people gathered in a house yard that someone died in this year, and danced a traditional Japanese dance together.
It was a kind of funeral, and I felt same thing in this festival in Guatemala.

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Atitlan - 84church
↑They brought  the big ‘coffin’ into the church.

At the same time of the traditional dancing, other people brought  the big coffin. Inside was San Pabro?? I thought It was maybe more Christianity atmosphere.

The indigenous religion and Christianity live together. Interesting!

Atitlan - 85goback
↑Going back to our guest house in the pick-up truck.

We went back to San Pedro La Laguna in the pick-up truck.
So nice air!!!!!


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