Recommended Mt.Hiyama! The best view of Itoshima coastline

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We are the guesthouse Kotonoha in attractive “Itoshima“, Fukuoka where 6 million people visit for a year.
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Itoshima is really wonderful because we have the sea and the mountains so close!

We want to introduce the best view in Itoshima!

A magnificent view from Mt.Hiyama! !

We will go up by car from the village of “Shima-Inadome”. It takes 10 minutes to arrive at the top of the mountain.

↓ Look at the “Nigi no Hama” beach! hiyama - 1

The coastline is so beautiful.

↓ Look at the side of Nogita fishing port! hiyama - 2

Looking at the sea, a pleasant wind blows and I can relax.

I’m glad to have come to the Hiyama.

First sunrise in Japan!

The magnificent view from Mt.Hiyama is famous in Japan.

In 2016, the popular vote in “Zenkoku Miru Nabi” on “Japan Tourism Promotion Association”  selected the the first sunrise seen from Hiyama as the best 1 in Japan.

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(Reference: The photo by Itoshima news paper

If you have the opportunity to come to Itoshima in the New Year, you may as well go up to Mt.Hiyama!

You must know! How to go up the Hiyama by car!

You can go up the Hiyama by a car, but it is a bad road.
Anywhere there are lots of deep grooves.


This is our recommended way to go up.

Recommended way to go up for persons cherish the car

At first, you go up by car from the village of “Shima-Inadome” which is south side of the mountain.

Near the top, there is a temple which is called “Rurikoji”.
At the temple, there is a parking.
We think it is good to park here for a while.
(Don’t forget to worship in the temple.)

↓ Go up the stairs from the parking lot of the temple

↓ Rurikoji Temple

Please turn left in front of the Rurikoji temple.
You can see a small path.

↓ A small path
You will see the unpaved roadway over the small path, then please walk over 5 minutes.

↓ An electric facilities station

Some cars are parked, but the space is not large…
We don’t recommend to park here.

↓ Stairway

Surrounded by trees, you feel refreshing while you go up the stairs.
Then the other electric facility will appear.

↓The other electric facility

You feel “where is the ocean!”

Don’t worry.

Please go around the facility and go down the small path to the sea side.

A magnificent scenery is waiting for you.

(It is information as of June 2016 **)

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