A hidden power spot of Itoshima! “God stone” of the Kamiari shrine


We are the guesthouse Kotonoha in attractive “Itoshima“, Fukuoka where 6 million people visit for a year.
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I will introduce “Deep Itoshima”!
It is also the biggest hidden power spot of Itoshima!

A special Shinto shrine (Kamari)

Unusual place name “Kamiari”

↓ Entrance of the Shinto shrine
kamiari - 1

↓ Inside the shrine
kamiari - 2
↓ Worship Hall
kamiari - 3

Although it looks like an ordinary shrine, again, I feel a speciality of the name “Kamiari”.
Kamiari means “The god exists“.

How holy it is!

The shrine was built in another place

According to the pamphlet by the Shinto shrine preservation association, originally the Kamiari Shrine seems to be in Mt.Tenjin-yama of Maki(牧) area, which was about 1 km north of the current location.

↓ Kamiari Shrine Map
kamiarimap - 1

In the map, the area surrounded by a white circle is the “Maki”.

It is located just between JR Kafuri station and JR Ikisan station.
And the upper left side is a small mountain, probably this mountain is Tenjin-yama mountain.

By the way, “Maki” has the head office and noodle factory of famouse “Maki no Udon” also called Fukuoka’s soul food.

Maki is also the birthplace of soul food in Fukuoka, in fact.

And, the Shinto shrine which seems to have started in Maki, is currently attracting great attention to Japanese power-spot enthusiasts.

Invitation to Shinseki(=Godstone)

Actually, thanks to the Shinseki(=godstone),  the Kamiari shrine became famous.

↓ Information sign about Shinshiki
kamiari - 4

This sign is built behind the Kamiari shrine.

↓ Solar power station! kamiari - 5 kamiari - 6

A solar power plant by “Green Corp” is built in such a place.

We walk along the street beside the facility.

↓ Another signboard
kamiari - 7

As soon as I passed through the  power plant, there was a sign again.

Looking ahead, dim forests are spreading.

As it is, the road is being maintained, but I do not recommend you go by solely, especially for a woman.
Please be careful enough such as the time you go.

A sacred stone appears!

I was stunned by the size more than I thought! !

When we were walking a bit, there was another sign to enter the bamboo shoots.
As I stepped in a bamboo bull, I finally saw the stone at the other side of the clipped bamboo grove!

↓ Beyond the bamboo shoots …
kamiari - 8

When approaching, my feet stopped for a moment in so much wonder.

↓ Shinseki
kamiari - 9

How to cut bamboos is dramatic, the stone looks tremendously godly.

It seems that it fell like a meteorite from the sky.

↓ How big it is!
kamiari - 10

When you approach the big stone, you can see that it is really big.
It is more than you thought.

Before I came here, I wanted to touch the Shinseki.
However I did not touch it with great fear.

↓ It is also like contemporary art …
kamiari - 11

The tree growing from the root of this stone creates a sacred atmosphere.

If there is a title plate on the stone,  it is lke contemporary art.

For a while, I was staring at the stone …

Big-stone-hunter Suda discovered!

Well, I thought that the local people cherished it from long time ago.
But even local people did not know the existence of this stone.

The reason why it became famous is the following book.

By the book by a big-stone-hunter Suda, Shinseki was introduced nationwide.

He is very unique person who is looking for sacred stones, dividing into mountains where no one steps in.
It is said that Suda has discovered the Shinseki that had been sleeping in this area for many years.

We recommend you go here.
We think that you are really surprised.

I will enjoy Itoshima tomorrow! !

Place information

Shinto shrine name: Shinseki of Kamiari shrine
Address: more south of 792, Kamiari, Itoshima
(*there is no parking lot near the the stone! As the street is wild, please avoid visiting in the rain or in the dark as much as possible)
HP: None

(It is information as of January 2017)

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