Itoshima bus timetable and route map


We are Kana & Nogi who are the owners of the Guest house Kotonoha in Itoshima, Fukuoka.
Itoshima is famous for delicious gastronomy & beautiful nature in Japan.

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There are many tourists who can not drive a car in itoshima.
In that case, the bus is very useful!

We made a bus route map and a timetable in English.
Please refer to it.

Bus Route map in Itoshima (From Chikuzen-Maebaru station)

Bus route in Itoshima
Bus route in Itoshima

You can download the bus route map below.

The popular bus routes for tourists are Keya line and Nogita line!

Tourist Attractions in Keya line

  • Keya no Oto
  • Keya Beach
  • Mt.Tateishi
  • Mataichi no Shio (Salt factory. It is a little far)
  • Kishi Oyster Hut
  • Funakoshi Oyster Hut (walk from Matsubara bus stop)
  • Kafuri Oyster Hut
  • Hakoshima island (walk from Kafuri Higashiguchi bus stop)

By Keya line you can go many tourist attractions!
However the bus runs only once per hour, so you cannot go so much.

You can go to a popular shop “Asa to Kito” and a gelato shop “Loiter market” by Keya line.

Tourist Attractions in Nogita line

  • Oen Plaza (Craft shop)
  • Nogita beach
  • Futamigaura (walk from Imuta bus stop)
  • Sakurai shrine

You can enjoy the sea which is Itoshima-like scenery.

At the Nogita beach, there are popular cafes, such as “Current” and “London Bus Cafe“.
You can also rent a bicycle at the Honey Coffee Itoshima.

Near the Imuta bus stop, there are a farmers’ market “Nigiyakana Haru” and a cafe “Bistro&Cafe TIME” and a smoothie shop “Blue Roof“.
I want you to visit the power spot “Sakurai shrine“, and if you walk a little, there is the best sightseeing spot “Futamigaura“.

From July 2019, Nishinoura line can directly go to Futamigaura from JR Kyudai gakken toshi Sta. It is expensive, however it is useful.

Itoshima Local Bus timetable (From Chikuzen Maebaru station)

These are the bus timetables from JR Chikuzen Maebaru station.
When you come back, please check the timetable by Itoshima CIty Hall.

In addition, we prepare the Kyudai line(For Kyushu university Ito campus.
For those who are going to the Kyushu University Ito campus from Itoshima, please refer to it.


Weekends and holidays

Kyudai Line(For Kyushu University)

Ito-Shima Go (Express Bus for Tenjin, Hakata)

It is a convenient express bus for Tenjin and Hakata.

Nishinoura line

You can directly go to Futamigaura.


There is a possibility that changes are made to the timetable, so please confirm from the timetable created by the Itoshima City Hall at last.
Please understand that we do not take responsibility even if there are mistakes on the map and timetable.

Itoshima is so large that we recommend you to stay in Itoshima and enjoy your day from the morning!

We hope that you will find this bus map and timetable useful to enjoy your itoshima.

We will enjoy Itoshima tomorrow too!!

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